Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19 Update

Advent Health Care is taking precautions the limit the transmission of COVID-19.  The following protocols are being undertaking at Valleyview Residence and Forestview Retirement Residence:

  • Active screening conducted at the front entrance:
    • All visitors, private care givers and staff must fill out screening tool and have their temperature taken before entering the building.
    • Any visitor, private care givers or staff having symptoms or screening into a risk category are being prevented from entering the home.
  • Symptoms or risk factor protocol:
    • Any staff showing symptoms or have screened into a risk category are asked to go be checked by the Doctor / public health for assessment and told to follow guidance provided.
    • Any staff or private care givers who have travelled international in the last 14 days are asked to self-isolate until cleared by public health.
  • Visitors are limited to those determined to be “essential” (having a family member that is critically ill) – as defined by the Ministry of Health or the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority.
  • Social group programs are suspended.
  • Meals for Forestview are being provided in resident’s rooms.

If you have any questions about the protocols, please contact the our management team.


During this difficult time, we encourage you to contact your loved ones regularly by phone or web based video technology.


To prevent the spread of COVID-19 or other respiratory viruses it is important that you

  • practice good handwashing hygiene
  • use cough and sneeze etiquette
  • avoid touching your face
  • minimize close face-to-face contact with people who appear ill
  • stay away from others if you feel unwell
  • regularly clean and disinfect high touch surfaces

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